Intuit Chip and PIN on Sale in Staples

Staples and Intuit have announced a three-month pilot which sees the office supplies company selling the £49 (£58.80 including VAT) chip and PIN reader in its UK stores and online.

There are more than 10 different mPOS solutions being pushed by various companies around the world and retail space could be a key decider on the winners and losers in this space. The deal is similar to one recently reached by payleven – a £99 reader – which will see these go on sale in Apple stores.

Intuit has the benefit of being a widely used provider of book keeping software and users of Intuit Payments can also take and manage transactions online. The company charges 2.75 per cent per transaction, like many of its competitiors, and does not have a monthly payment plan or sign-up fee. The company is supported by Global Payments to enable activation within minutes after a credit check.