Investec Launches HTML5 Test Tracker Web App

InvestecTT 3devices_homeInvestec has launched a Test Tracker web app, which ties into its sponsorship of English Test Cricket and is intended to associate the financial services brand with understanding performance and data.

Created by design and technology agency Athlon, the Test Tracker provides real-time analysis of data from every match provided by sports data company Opta, visualised as interactive charts and infographics.

This includes a side-by-side comparison of team performance, a 360-degree map of where deliveries are being hit and player profiles, as well a news feed updated by Investecs on-site media team at the matches.

“Cricket and finance generate a lot of data which can be hard to visualise,” said Investec head of digital Paul Thorley. “Our expertise in financial data is second nature and we have brought this capability into cricket. The Investec Test Tracker generates succinct and shareable information that provides fans a real-time insight into test cricket.”