Investment Firm Selects MobileIron for Device Security

Thames River Capital, a UK-based boutique investment firm with more than $14bn (£8.7bn) in assets under management, has deployed MobileIron to enable the secure adoption of smartphone and tablet devices into its enterprise environment.

Providing a central view of mobile activity, usage and service quality for both company and employee-owned devices, MobileIron has enabled the flexible enforcement of data and device security policies, as well as improved capacity planning and mobile cost control across the investment firm.

The nature of fund management makes it essential that partners, managers and investors have access to email and line of business applications 24/7 in the UK and around the world. However, securing the range of devices that enable this productivity represented a clear challenge for the IT department.

“We made the decision to shift from a 100 per cent corporate-liable model for smartphones to one where we could give our employees the opportunity to use their own devices,” explains Thames River IT Manager, Robert Cockerill. “In addition to BlackBerry and iPhone management, we also needed to be able to support and secure the new iPads that were beginning to come into the firm.”

Thames River Capital turned to its trusted IT partner, BlueFort Security, to implement a solution that could control the devices accessing the network and, critically, mitigate the risk of sensitive data falling into the wrong hands from either lost or stolen mobile devices. Although Thames River Capital wanted to use cutting-edge technology, the firm didn’t want to be a test customer.

Ian Jennings, technical director at BlueFort, explains: “Companies have learned that once you’ve opened the door with ActiveSync, anyone can get in and you have no idea who they are or what they’re doing. For Thames River Capital, it was essential we provide a technology that had been field-tested and proven by other customers. We researched a number of options with them, and MobileIron’s Virtual Smartphone Platform was the clear winner.”

The firm chose MobileIron for its ability to support the broadest range of  mobile operating systems, including Blackberry, iPhone and iPad, and manage the mobile devices, and the data on them, remotely. With MobileIron in place, IT can set role-based, granular policies to ensure that only approved, compliant devices (whether corporate- or employee-owned) are able to access the corporate network. The solution also creates clear boundaries between personal and business data on employee-owned devices; for example, the lost phone lock and wipe functionality is activated by the user, but configured by IT to ensure enterprise data privacy.

“Following a successful evaluation, we implemented the technology and haven’t looked back. If there’s one thing we’ve learned during this process, it’s that one should only embrace employee-owned devices if one also has foolproof tools for their management,” concludes Cockerill. “MobileIron provides exactly the framework we need to let our people use the device of their choice.”