Investment in personalisation rose for 83 per cent of marketing leaders for 2019

83 per cent of marketing leaders and C-Level executives increased their investments in personalisation for 2019 so their company can take advantage of one of the biggest opportunities for selling to younger people in recent years.

According to research from martech firm Sitecore and digital agency SoDA, which surveyed 350 marketing leaders and C-Level executives globally, found that data and analytics (41 per cent) and tech platforms (36 per cent) are the top two areas that marketers are spending in to increase personalisation in their company.

A huge 81 per cent are using ‘global AI capabilities’ for personalisation but only 20 per cent are using both native and internally-developed AI.

According to a recent study by Deloitte, 1 in 5 consumers who have expressed an interest in personalised services or products are willing to pay a 20 per cent premium on personalized products or services. And a 2016 study from Salesforce found that more than half (53 per cent) of consumers will share personal data if it leads to a personalised shopping experience, which is driven by technology.

However, the research found that over half (52 per cent) currently lack an adequate roadmap and a strategic investment plan for rolling out personalisation, while speed (44 per cent) automation (44 per cent ) and budget (40 per cent) are the top problems faced by marketers when they wish to product and deliver more personalised material to users.