Invoxia releases GPS tracker to measure pet activity and location

Invoxia, a producer of consumer GPS trackers, has announced the launch of the Invoxia Pet Tracker, a new connected health device for pets. The Invoxia Pet Tracker includes a rechargeable battery that lasts up to three months and is powered by a Sigfox (IoT) low power network, which is available across Europe. The device is also waterproof (IP67) and can attach to any type of collar with an elastic band.

The Invoxia Pet Tracker is able to detect when an animal is running, walking, or moving intensely, and will send notifications to the owner’s devices. The “Pet walk alert” will notify an owner if a pet is walking or running for more than 2 minutes and can measure pet activity in real time. The “security zones” feature will alert an owner if their pet tries to exit a specific zone or area, such as if a cat tries to get out of the front door.

The Invoxia Pet Tracker also has the ability to analyze the sleep quality of dogs, scoring their sleep schedule on a scale of 1 to 100. Cat owners have access to a similar feature, which will measure the duration of the cats’ rest.

All tracked data can be found on the Invoxia Pet Tracker App, which keeps a detailed history of the pet’s health. The pet tracker does not use a SIM card and is able to combine both the Sigfox signal with GPS and nearby wi-fi networks for boosted speed and precision. Buyers do not need to pay any additional costs for the Sigfox membership, as a three-year subscription is included with the Invoxia Pet Tracker purchase.

“With the Pet Tracker, we wished to bring peace of mind to pet owners. Being able to keep an eye on them, even at distance, was only the first step! With the activity tracking, we’re taking a step further by enabling owners to better understand their pets,” said Serge Renouard, chief executive office and co-founder of Invoxia. “We are convinced that this better understanding will have positive outcome on their health and well-being.”