iome Powers BTs London Mobi-Guides

iome, which provides location-based digital lifestyle services, has launched a series of free video 'Mobi-Guides' for London, developed and presented by BBC personality Dan Snow. The Mobi-Guides are available on BT MyPlace, a service that presents people with information based on their preferences and location, within central London and the West End. The service is free to access via any outdoor BT Openzone Westminster wi-fi hotspot and is located at
The service, which is powered by iome, enables consumers to download the most relevant Mobi-Guide based on their location, at any time, via an Internet-enabled mobile device or PC. There are 20 free-to-access guides in total, each offering a combination of history and trivia on London, together with Dan Snows personal insights. For anyone planning to visit London, these video Mobi-Guides provide a real insight into the history of our capital city, says Snow. The great thing is that by offering these tours via BT MyPlace, you can be stood near Nelson's Column, for example, and the relevant Mobi-Guide is instantly presented to your digital device, as the service calculates your current location.
The guides provide a new perspective about areas from Westminster to Waterloo through a combination of history and trivia. Among the gems of useless information are the following nuggets:

  • Waterloo Bridge was built by women and is self-cleaning.
  • Londons smallest police station used to be inside a lamp post in Trafalgar Square.
  • Parliament Square became Britains first official roundabout in 1926 it was called the new gyratory system. Its also the site of Londons first set of traffic lights.
  • The statue of Sir Winston Churchill in Parliament Square has a small electrical current running through it to stop pigeons landing on it and creating a mess. (Can I get one of those for the swings in my garden Ed).
  • The second London Bridge was moved to Havasu City in Arizona in 1971 where it is now the main attraction in a tourist resort.
  • There is a black spot above the number two on the clock face on the tower of Horse Guards. It indicates the time at which Charles I was executed in front of Banqueting House opposite.
  • The timing of Big Ben is fine tuned by adding or taking away penny coins that rest on its pendulum.
  • The friezes at the base of Nelsons column are made from melted French and Spanish cannons seized at the battle of Trafalgar.

BT MyPlace also delivers targeted, sponsored services including restaurant, bars and shopping recommendations, plus audio downloads including books and walking tours.
Theres more information about iome here, and more information about BT MyPlace here.