iOS 7 Penetration at 22 Per Cent After 24 Hours

24 hours after launch, 22 per cent of iOS users had updated to iOS 7, according to Tapjoy.

Thats notably faster than the adoption of iOS 6, which after 24 hours of its launch, had reached 15 per cent penetration. It took 20 hours for iOS 6 to hit the 10 per cent mark, compared to just eight hours for iOS 7 – suggesting that Apple have successfully sold the idea of iOS 7 being “the most significant iOS update since the original iPhone”.

As usual, this adoption has been led by iPhone users, 25 per cent of whom upgraded in the first 24 hours, compared to 15 per cent on iPad. North America has been the quickest region to upgrade to iOS 7, with adoption at 28 per cent, while Asia Pacific has been slowest, at 14 per cent.

These figures are based on data from Tapjoys network of 200m iOS users.