iOS Productivity Apps Vie for Your Limited Attention

Eventful has launched an iOS app that helps you find local entertainment including concerts and films along with 26 other categories tailored to your taste. Eventful scans iTunes, Spotify and LastFM to help personalise ticket recommendations and alerts delivered to your phone. You can Search, sort and filter results by location, distance, popularity and date.

“Our goal is to help our community of over 20m members make their lives more fulfilling by discovering events that they’re passionate about,” said Jordan Glazier, Eventful’s CEO. “Eventful for iPhone makes it easy for people to cut through the clutter and find things that they want to do wherever they are.”

Reminder+, from the technical team behind the AroundMe location app, uses its existing database to provide location and task-synced alerts. Users can create to-do lists and designate tasks based on location, date, time or a countdown timer. You can also remind others to do things using email or iMessage.

“We all have forgetful friends. This one’s for them,” the company says. “Whenever you need to remind a friend, family member or significant other of something important, simply send them a reminder alert and let Reminder+ take care of them.”

One of them assumes you already know what youre doing and ensures you dont forget – the other helps you find stuff to slip your mind in the first place. Nice to see a wave of apps that are designed to be a bit more helpful  – shame Android doesnt get a look in.