iOS Still the Top Priority for Developers

Despite its larger install base, Android is still relegated to second place when it comes to developers, according to a survey from Forrester. 35 per cent of devs target the iPhone as their first priority, compared to 27 per cent for Android handsets. 

Its not hard to find examples of this at work. Just yesterday, Clash of Clans developer Supercell told the FT that it was “very actively thinking about” making the move to Android in order to expand its Asian audience – a somewhat delayed response from one of mobile gamings biggest companies.

However, according to Forrester, Googles OS is more widely developed for overall, featuring in 84 per cent of respondents top-five list of priorities, versus 77 per cent for iPhones.

Native vs web apps 

For the most part, developers arent yet mobile-first – 63 per cent of respondents said theyd developed websites or web apps in the last two years, while only 30 per cent have worked on mobile sites or apps. 

For those mobile developers, its a roughly even split between time spent building native apps (41 per cent) and some form of web app (24 per cent on pure web apps and 22 per cent on hybrids with web components).