IPA and News International Launch Media Strategy App

The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) and News International has launched an iPad and iPhone app for media planners and strategists. 

The app, called Fast Strategy, offers advice and tips from leading players in the industry.

Fast Strategy is free, and aims to provide planners and strategists with practical tips and motivational information to help them move forward when staring at a blank page or reams of data, says they IPA. 

Users can share tips on social media sites, rate the tips for other users, and upload their own creative tips. 

Nicola Mendelsohn, IPA president and executive chairman says the app is part of her presidential pledge. “My aim is to create a new generation of creative pioneers by developing better skills and creating better connections,” she says. “This app will address both of these areas – by sharing advice through technology on an industry-wide and global scale, ultimately we will become smarter and more valuable to our clients.”

Amelia Torode, head of strategy and innovation, at creative agency VCCP says: “This is the first stand-alone public app that the IPA has ever done and we want it to become a magnet for people to upload their strategic road-block tips. As well as uniting the planning community we are also keen to involve big names from within the creative technology world and for it to become the worlds largest shared planning resource.” 

You can download the Fast Strategy app from the iTunes App Store.