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'iPad 3' Event Slated for 7 March

Andy Penfold

Apple has invited members of the press to an event on March 7 - widely believed to be the launch for the iPad 3. 

As usual, the company has provided next to no details - in this case just an invite with the tagline: "Something you really have to see. And touch". 

Speculation has been rife for months regarding the next tablet from Apple, with commentators speculating as to what the tablet will do and what it will look like. 

Current frontrunners on the rumour mill include a higher-resolution display, with many fans and consumers hoping for a 'Retina' display of 326dpi, as on the iPhone 4 and 4S. We expect to see the iPad's screen resolution at least double. 

Siri, the virtual assistant featured on the iPhone 4S may also make an appearance, and there is speculation that Apple could do away with the home button. This rumour has persisted for a while, and the invite to the event provides more fuel as it features an images that appears to show a cropped image of a buttonless bezel. This could of course be the side of the iPad, though.

The event could also see a revamp of Apple's iPod range - the selection hasn't been refreshed since September 2010.