iPad Ad Impressions Grow 456 Per Cent

Andy Penfold

Mobile ad network Millennial Media says ad impressions from iPad devices has grown 456 per cent year-on-year, comparing Q3 2010 and Q3 2011. 

Overall iOS ad impressions on the network grew 60 per cent in the same period, with the iPod touch contributing a 30 per cent growth. 

The Apple iPhone still leads in the device wars in terms of ad impressions on Millennial, accounting for 23.1 per cent of all smartphone/connected device impressions. However, Android made up 15 of the top 20 handsets, with HTC now accounting for six of the top 20 - up from three last year. HTC accounts for 15.5 per cent of ad impressions on the network. 

Another success story year-on-year is HUAWEI, according to the report. Ad impressions from the company's devices have almost tripled in the last year, and the company now holds the number seven position on Millennial's top 15 manufacturer chart. "HUAWEI has gained significant popularity by targeting feature phone owners and successfully upgrading them to affordable smartphones," says the report. 

The study, which focuses on the US market, found that 32 per cent of ads are served over wi-fi. Verizon (18 per cent) and Sprint (14 per cent) are the next biggest networks for delivering ad clicks. 

Of the wi-fi clicks, 59 per cent were delivered by smartphones, 38 per cent by 'connected devices' (tablets), and 3 per cent by feature phones. 

The report is available now from the Millennial Media research page