iPad Data Tariffs Compared

UK users looking for a data plan for their 3G iPad should take a long, hard look at the tariffs available from Orange, O2 and Vodafone before deciding who to go with.

Apple has revealed details of the tariffs available via O2, Orange and Vodafone as part of the pre-order process for the device.

Power users are probably best looking at Orange, which offers a 10GB per month plan for £25. The same rate on Vodafone only gets you 5GB per month, while O2’s top rate is £15 per month for 3GB. Orange and O2 also offer daily rates, but Vodafone doesn’t, and its lowest monthly tariff, offering only 250MB of data for £10, looks poor value compared to whats on offer from its rivals. In addition, Orange has a pay as you go option of 5p per MB, up to a monthly maximum of £40, though anyone spending anywhere near that would obviously be better off on a monthly plan.

Here’s what’s on offer from the three operators…

£2/day – 500MB
£10/month – 1GB
£15/month – 3GB

£0.05/MB – Pay as you go, £40 monthly maximum
£2/day – 200MB
£7.50/week – 1GB
£15/month – 3GB
£25/month – 10GB


£10/month – 250MB
£25/month – 5GB


You can pre-order the device here.