iPad Makes Up 70 Per Cent of US Tablet Traffic

We often hear about which devices are the best selling, but Jumptaps MobileSTAT report shows which devices are actually being used most, based on mobile traffic. 

So, while Android and Samsung might be catching up in terms of ownership, Apple still holds a clear lead in the US when it comes to usage, according to the August report.

The iPhone accounts for 41.4 per cent of all handset traffic, up by 9.6 percentage points on last year. In second place is actually the iPod Touch (15.4 per cent), ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S range (13 per cent) – though its share has dropped by 10.1 per cent. 

Perhaps surprisingly, there are three BlackBerry devices – the Curve (3.1 per cent), Bold (1.5 per cent) and Torch (0.9 per cent). These are all legacy pre-BB10 devices though, and have all seen their market share drop over the last 12 months.


The iPad continues to hold the top spot in tablet market share, at 70.1 per cent, and has strengthened its lead by 3.1 percentage points in the last year.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has overtaken Kindle Fire for second place, taking an 11.1 per cent share, up 5.8 percentage points. The Fire – previously the only serious contender to Apples tablet – has fallen by 11.4 percentage points, down to 10.1 per cent.