iPad Mini Impressions Grow 28 Per Cent Per Day

Impressions on Apple’s iPad Mini are increasing by 28 per cent every day on Millennial Media’s platform, but standard iPad impressions continue to grow steadily and are 35 times larger than the smaller version.

Samsung handsets now deliver more impressions on the Android OS than any other device – doubling from 23 to 46 per cent from Q3 2011 to 2012. HTC, which was previously the top handset, has seen its share of impressions halve from 32 to 16 per cent, along with Motorola, going from 22 to 11 per cent. LG’s share has dropped from 16 to 9 per cent, while impressions from ‘other’ Android handsets have increased from 8 to 18 per cent.

The verticals with the fastest growing ad spend over the first nine months of this year were: automotive at 318 per cent, travel with 251 per cent, sport at 235 per cent, education with 224 per cent and FMCG at 106 per cent.

See how this compares between 2011 and 2012.