iPhone App is Childs Play

Independent production company Kindle Entertainment has launched an iPhone app version of the CBeebies pre-school show Big and Small will be available form the Apple App Store from 1 April. The exclusive application will be available to purchase from the iTunes App Store from 1 April 2010. 
The app was developed by Ace Games, in partnership with Kindle, and will feature video clips and songs from the series, as well as sound effects from the two main characters, Big and Small. Kindle says it has targeted the iPhone as a key emerging platform for Big and Small as parents who own the device often share them with their younger children for games and applications.
Featuring the voices of Lenny Henry and Imelda Staunton, Big and Small aims to open young childrens minds to a variety of outlooks on the world and encourage them to appreciate that people have many different ideas and opinions. Each story revolves around the comedy of Big and Smalls contrasting approaches to life. 
The show has already secured a strong online presence through the 3D Big and Small website, which invites children to enter the house and engage with animated versions of the characters. Developed using Papervision3D technology, the microsite recently won the Childrens BAFTA 2009 award for Best Interactive Website.