iPhone App Measures EBIT Impact

David Murphy

Pricing consultancy Simon-Kucher & Partners has launched an iPhone app that measures the EBIT (Earning Before Interest & Taxes) impact on the levers of sales, prices and costs. The app uses the company’s figures as the basis for the measurement, and answers the crucial question facing every manager: “Should I improve sales, reduce costs or change prices?”

The app is free to download, and in a few clicks, enables managers to calculate the optimal result of a company’s EBIT improvement. After typing in the individual data for sales, EBIT ratio and fixed costs, the user can simulate improvement levels related to the impact on rising prices, sales and on lower variable costs and fixed costs.

The app includes a toolbox to measure the impact of pricing versus other levers; news and links to whitepapers, article and books written by management thinker Hermann Simon and other Simon-Kucher & Partners experts; and information about global events, seminars and workshops dedicated to strategy, marketing, pricing and sales.

The app is compatible with any iPhone, iPod touch or iPad running iOs 3 or later, and was developed by Simon-Kucher & Partners in conjunction with app developer Appengo.