iPhone Survey Results Revealed

David Murphy

Blogging network Shiny Media has published the results of an iPhone survey it ran last month. Over 500 people took part in the survey, which was conducted online between 19 27 April.
When asked how likely they were to buy an iPhone when it arrives, 7.6% of respondents said that they would definitely be buying one, while 46.2% said that they'd seriously consider getting an iPhone, but only if the available deal was attractive. 17.4% said they'd get it if nothing better was on the market, while 23.9% said that they were unlikely to get it, and 4.8% said they'd definitely not buy an iPhone. 12.3% of respondents would break their mobile contracts early if it meant they could get an iPhone when it's released.
On price, the majority (59.1%) of those surveyed said they'd only be willing to pay up to 200 for the iPhone. 26.7% would pay between 200 and 250, with 10.1% willing to pay between 250 and 300. 4% of respondents said they would pay over 300 for the iPhone.
When it came to assessing the best features of the iPhone, 24% of respondents ranked how the iPhone looks as its crowning glory. 14.5% noted its touch screen, 11% its wi-fi capabilities, 7.1% its multi-touch gesturing system, and another 7.1% just because it's an Apple product.
On the flip side, it wasn't surprising to note that the factors that could let the iPhone down were the cost (37.7%), poor battery life (13.9%), lack of a physical keyboard (10.4%), and being tied to a single mobile network (8.4%). Interestingly, only 4.5% of respondents thought that not having 3G was a major shortcoming, .
Quizzed about rivals to the iPhone, over 1 in 4 respondents (26.4%) thought the Nokia N95 was its biggest threat, closely followed by the Sony Ericsson W950i (22.7%) and LG Prada phone (22.2%).
Asked more generally which mobile phone manufacturer is likely to deliver an iPhone killer, 32.8% said Nokia, with 29.8% plumping for Sony Ericsson, 13.3% for LG, 11.2% for Samsung, and 7.9% for Motorola.