Is Google Planning to Resurrect the Glass?

alex google glassGoogles poorly-received wearable the Google Glass never managed to become much more than a toy for developers and a status symbol for the tech elite during its limited release.

At the beginning of this year, Google ended its Explorer program and put the smart glasses away into the box in the attic where it keeps Google Wave and various other ill-fated experiments. However, now it seems as though the search giant may be planning a return for the wearable.

Following the end of the Explorer program, the Glass project was placed under the control of Tony Fadell, CEO of Nest, supposedly with a view to developing a more commercial-ready device. While many at the time predicted that we wouldnt see Google Glass again, the company has just added a job listing that suggests otherwise.

The new listing shows that Googles Glass team is looking for an Advanced Technology Manufacturing Engineer, FATP – the crucial part here being FATP, which stands for final assembly, test and pack.

The job title suggests that the team is finally looking beyond experimental models to a consumer-ready device, and the responsibilities listed support this, with the team seeking someone who can “fast track product manufacturing to mass production”, work with others to “define requirements for shipment” and “ensure robust design for manufacturing”.

Google is also looking for someone with experience with “multiple consumer product launches in a fast pace production ramping environment” and a background in scaling new products at a rapid schedule.

There was no word about Google Glass at the firms I/O conference last week, suggesting that any plans are still a way off, but the news that Google is preparing the Glass team for a rollout suggests that the smart glasses are far from dead.