Italian Job for iPoint

iPoint-media, which provides live user content delivery platforms for web, mobile and TV, has revealed that Italian company CSINFO, a premium rate value-added content aggregator and international, independent telephony carrier, has selected its Vitrage 3G video calling service platform to supply wholesale, hosted 3G video calling services.
CSINFO is known for providing the resources and independent infrastructure that enable content providers to offer premium rate value-added services throughout Italy and around the world. The inclusion of iPoint-medias Vitrage platform to its service portfolio will enable CSINFO to offer its customers a broad range of interactive 3G video calling services, including video IVR, interactive One2many broadcasting, video chats and Live Content Participation services.
As a leading content aggregator, we pride ourselves on offering our customers state of the art, innovative solutions, says CSINFO Sales Manager Rino Ciotta. iPoint-medias Vitrage platform will enable us to expand our service offering with the richest and most dynamic set of premium rate video calling services.
Vitrage offers a number of advantages that complement CSINFOs wholesale business model and full service offering. Vitrages built-in multi-tenancy provides a single platform, capable of simultaneously supporting multiple customers with independent video calling services. The platforms rapid development environment enables quick and easy service creation and maintenance, essential elements for providing on-going compelling premium rate services.
Our selection by CSINFO demonstrates the continued acceptance of the Vitrage platform among top-tier value-added service providers and Telecom companies, says iPoint-media VP Sales and Marketing, Joseph Daniel. Vitrages unique flexibility and versatility make it the ideal choice for offering the latest in premium rate 3G video calling services.
According to iPoint, the Vitrage 3G video calling service platform offers the most flexible platform for service providers, telecom operators and content aggregators looking to generate premium rate traffic and increase video calling revenues. As a result, it says, iPoint-medias customers include a variety of top tier content aggregators and telecom operators such as Orange UK, as well as leading solution integration partners such as IBM.