Italian Telecom Launches Huawei-powered Intelligent 4G

tim telecom italy networkItalian telecom operator TIM has launched a new intelligent 4G network in Palermo that utilises Huaweis innovative CloudRAN technology to improve performance for customers and anticipate future 5G architecture for a long-lasting infrastructure.

The network is the first of its kind in Europe, and allows for improved performances where requirements are more demanding. The technology enables spectrum resources to be optimised according to specific needs, improving quality of both voice and data transmission, and strengthening the efficiency of the overall system.

Huaweis CloudRAN technology is a wireless access network that concentrates signal elaboration in a centralised location, coordinating radio signals and extending the performance of LTE Advanced transmissions, managing interference and creating download speeds of up to 300 Mb/second.

“We are particularly satisfied to be launching this trial in Palermo, demonstrating the value of CloudRAN architecture,” said Gabriela Styf Sjoman, head of engineering and TIMLab at TIM. “This innovative technology is part of TIMs path towards becoming a digital telco, securing for its clients a high-quality user experience on new digital network technologies – such as CloudRAN – to guarantee customer satisfaction and create value through network solutions that are both technologically innovative and efficient.”

The initiative aims to deliver a faster and more reliable network to respond to the needs of modern consumers, offering a network capable of dealing with high quality and high resolution video and image sharing, real-time video and cloud-based memory storage, all new digital services which require increasing speeds in both upload and download.

“Huawei is committed to creating maximum value for telecom operators through continuous innovation to meet the requirements for network development,” said Yang Chaobin, chief marketing officer of Huaweis wireless network product line. “The CloudRAN solution provides innovative network architecture to enhance network cloudification and agility.”

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