Its a Dogs Life at AdMob

So you’re an independent mobile ad network that got in early and ended up getting bought out by Google for $750m. A real cause for celebration for sure. So the deal’s done, the dust settles, and you move into the new offices at Google HQ, and get used to working with your new colleagues.

And as the days roll by, you get to thinking: What’s the best thing about working for Google? Is it being part of a company responsible for such gems as Google Earth, Google Goggles and Google StreetView? Or is being part of a company with a market cap just shy of $150bn? Or maybe it’s just the thrill of being surrounded by so many smart, clever people?

Well, no, in fact. According to a recent post on the AdMob blog, the very best thing about working for Google is that you get to bring your dog to work. In an entry posted a few days ago, “Dalia M.” from Marketing writes:

“A great new perk for the AdMobsters at Google is that every day is Bring-Your-Dog-To-Work-Day. At our old AdMob San Mateo office we were not allowed to bring dogs to work. Now my border collie mix, Jersey (pictured below), can join me at Google. She can run around, soak up some sun and get numerous belly rubs. All this makes for a happy and tired dog, which in turn makes for a very happy owner.

“Several of the AdMobsters that have dogs of their own are embracing the opportunity to bring them into our new office in Mountain View. Check out the always lovely puggle, Miss Rosie Cunningham, enjoying water and food at an official Google Dog Station.” (Complete with another photo).

A couple of years ago, we ran an April Fool’s story about a project that would enable dog-owners to control their hound via SMS. Who knows, if Google has already got as far as having official Google Dog Stations, the dog you can text may not be too far away.