Its Android Time, Says Frost & Sullivan

Now is the time for Google to challenge Apples dominance of the smartphone space, according to Saverio Romeo, senior industry analyst at Frost & Sullivan. Commenting on Googles Q1 results announcement, Romie says that the industry is “slowly reawakening from the Apple shock”. 

“A very well planned incremental innovation strategy based on attractive and easy-to-use user-interfaces, simple business model and powerful branding has transformed Apple into a superpower of the mobile space in just a couple of years,” says Romeo. “It is now the time for Google. The Android model is based on a more open approach relying on a multi-device strategy for accessing markets and gaining market shares. This has led to an evolving ecosystem fed by innovations at any level, from devices to software and business models.”

Citing Androids Q1 numbers – 300,000 Android devices activated per day (350,000 according to the latest figures) and 3bn apps installed – Romeo says impressive results like these, coupled with the interest of business in the Android platform, stands Google in good stead. 

“The European telecommunications and software industries have shown a peculiar interest for Android and its ecosystem,” says Romeo. “Android seems to inspire an industry that is showing difficulties in competing with the Silicon Valley and the emerging Asian powers. Various examples can be found in the software space, but also in the device manufacturing space where Asian players such as HTC have become key market players.”