itsmy Launches Social Browser Games Division

Mobile social media brand itsmy has created an in-house division dedicated to mobile social browser games in Munich, Germany
itsmy games becomes the brands fourth social media division, joining mobile rich media advertising, mobile social TV and the 2.5 million user-strong social networking service,
A first trial of three mobile social browser games, including itsmy Graffiti, itsmy CrazyBee and itsmy WaterBalloon Battle, proved successful, with more than five million mobile mini games played within the last three months.
Gofresh, the company behind itsmy, says the success was achieved in two regards. Firstly, for the mobile social network, games act as a friends connector, as all games have to be played with or against other people. For itsmy the social multiplayer games even though the basic version is free of cost for users are a new revenue generator.
A team of five developers and creatives will be led by Gofresh CTO, Jukka Saarelainen, who has more than 10 years mobile experience. The games will be distributed within and other worldwide mobile social portals and networks. The goals for the unit are the release of up to 50 mobile social games, and to be profitable by Q4 2009.
Mobile social networks have a new level of communication: mobile social games, says Creative Director, David Mayerhofer, Creative Director. These fulfil a whole range of human desires, like self-expression, communication, being entertained and staying connected with friends and family. We are ready for taking this challenge with our new unit.
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