Airship Hits a Million

David Murphy

Mobile social network has clocked up its 1 millionth registered user. The ad-funded mobile community gives every user a free personalisable mobile homepage with a unique mobile web address ( to give out to their friends, which Gofresh, the company behind, says is the main reason for the fast viral growth. Users can sign up via their mobile phones browser.
Gofresh says it has identified two distinct types of user groups within the community. Active content creators are registered users with a full profile who upload content. Downloader-surfers do not need to register. They use the community to watch Mobile TV, download videos and pictures and surf within the community. The total number of users, embracing both types, has reached 2.5 million by 1 April 2008.
80% of users are from US and Europe. The leading states in the US are California and Texas; the leading cities, Detroit and Cincinnati. The fastest growing countries in Europe are the UK, Ireland, Italy and Spain. Users browse more than 300 million mobile Internet pages each month. To date, more than 5 million videos, pictures and wallpapers have been created and uploaded. Users have more than 4.5 million WAP sites, including personalised homepages, about me pages and group galleries.
Our users get 24/7 entertainment with an advanced networking aspect, says  Gofresh COO, Sabine Irrgang. Everybody can make a personal choice heavy communication or creation of the coolest personal homepage or uploading favourite videos.