ITV Announces Twitter Amplify Ad Partnership

V05 brit awards adITV has announced a partnership with Twitter to use the social networks Amplify platform to offer branded in-tweet ads that take advantage of users dual screen bevahiour.

Brands will now be able to buy advertising across ITVs traditional TV slots, as well as on Twitter, where they can promote in-tweet media like photos, videos and TV clips. ITV is also offering pre- and post-roll placements on videos, customised hashtags, in-video banners and promotional video tweets.

Twitter Amplify was trialled for the first time on ITV during the BRIT Awards in an exclusive brand partnership with V05. The #VO5music hashtag received 5,332 Twitter mentions during the event. Twitters Amplify programme in EMEA is being led by Theo Luke, who was previously head of digital for Simon Cowells Syco Entertainment.

Viacom is likewise rollling out Twitter Amplify in the UK following a successful trial at the MTV Music Awards in August.