ITV launches 'advanced' advertising platform

Tyrone Stewart

ITV has officially launched its addressable TV advertising platform – its answer to Sky’s AdSmart product – almost a year after first unveiling it to the world.

Planet V, originally penned for release in February 2020, is an entirely self-service solution that provides advertisers and agencies with control over the planning, purchasing, and reporting of their campaigns across the ITV Hub, ITV’s video-on-demand service.

The platform, developed by Amobee, took nearly 50,000 hours of development work and has been operating internally as an in-house ‘concierge’ solution, fulfilling almost 500m ITV Hub impressions. ITV entered into a licensing and innovation partnership with Amobee back in April 2019.

Planet V’s products and features are built on ITV’s first-party data and ‘select’ data partners. ITV promises to continuously update the platform over the next year with inventory from other broadcasters and video publishers, as well as improved features and capabilities.

“Over the course of the next few years, the rate of change in the way content is produced, distributed and consumed to enable addressable advertising is only going to continue to accelerate. To ensure that we are at the forefront of driving change that works for both ITV and our customers, we have created Planet V,” said Rhys McLachlan, Director of Advanced Advertising at ITV. “This continuously evolving platform is designed to provide clients and advertisers with an unrivalled combination of access to premium video content, and programmatically enabled targeted advertising, whilst continuously operating at ITV’s gold standard level.”