ITV to Launch Shazam-enabled Ads in the UK

UK broadcaster ITV and Shazam have announced a partnership which will see ITV become the exclusive UK distributor for Shazam functionality in UK broadcast advertising.

Under the terms of the deal, ITV Commercial will act as the exclusive UK sales force, offering advertisers the chance to have their traditional 30 second TV spots Shazam-enabled for the first time. Viewers who have Shazam installed on their smartphones – there are currently more than 10m in the UK – will be able to use the app to interact with the enabled ads to enter competitions, get additional information about a brand or product, view additional content, or download free music.

The partnership follows the success of Shazam for TV in the US where the technology has been deployed on some of America’s most popular television shows and events, including American Idol, the GRAMMY Awards and the Super Bowl, where more than half of the advertisers in this year’s big game chose to Shazam-enable their ads.
“Shazam’s audio-recognition technology is at the forefront of the second screen movement which is transforming the way consumers interact with content including advertising,” says Simon Daglish, group commercial sales director at ITV. “This exciting and exclusive partnership means that ITV is able to offer customers a real first for UK media and allow brands to innovate their spot campaigns and connect directly with audiences on a large scale.”