Jack Daniels launches Deepen the Bond Fathers Day campaign

Jack Daniels UK has launched a Father’s Day campaign, ‘Deepen the Bond’, featuring Martin and Roman Kemp. Created by Iris, the social campaign encourages sons and daughters across the UK to deepen the bond with their father figures. As part of the campaign, nine questions have been created to help people uncover their father’s memories and spark conversations about their life in order to bring them closer together.

The 90-second social reel will launch across Jack Daniel’s social media channels, showing the pair sitting together with a bottle of the new Jack Daniel’s Bonded whiskey. Roman asks his father the nine questions, which explore some of the most memorable moments in his life that have made him the father he is today. The questions include ‘What’s a phase that you went through growing up that you still cringe about?’; ‘Who was your celebrity crush?’; and ‘When was the last time you cried?’

The hero reel will be supported by three cut-downs and Instagram engagement mechanics, including the use of question boxes, to drive further engagement.

“This campaign is particularly exciting as it looks to celebrate the special bond we have with our dads or fatherly figures,” said Caroline Lesur, Head of Marketing for Jack Daniel’s UK. “What a better way to savour those precious moments than with a glass of our new Jack Daniel’s Bonded whiskey.”