Jaguar Celebrates Mobile Campaign Success

Jaguar Cars
has announced results from its mobile advertising campaign in the US.
The campaign drives traffic to its mobile Internet site, created by Global Beach and built by Incentivated, which promotes the new luxury Jaguar XF.
mobile advertising campaign appears on mobile Internet sites including,, Yahoo Mobile and Since its launch in
November to coincide with the unveiling of the XF at the Los Angeles
motor show, the campaign has delivered over 15 million ad impressions
across the mobile Internet, delivering over 85,000 unique visitors to
the Jaguar XF WAP site, representing a clickthrough rate of 0.6%.
Mobile banner ads are the only medium used to promote the WAPsite.
Beach, Jaguars world-wide digital agency, designed the WAP site for
the US market, partnering with mobile specialist Incentivated for the
build. The site ( provides a gallery of high quality
images to promote the cars design, innovation and performance,
including high- and low-resolution versions of XF videos.
The site
allows visitors to input their ZIP code in order to locate their
nearest dealer and book a test drive, or to order a brochure. Visitors
can also submit their email address in order to request a branded email
newsletter, and can download wallpapers to their handsets.
The site
uses detection software to ensure the content served to visitors
mobile browsers is dynamically optimized for each handset. As a result,
the service automatically resizes the WAP site for viewing on iPhones,
Smartphones, BlackBerrys, PDAs and over 2,000 other mobile devices in
use across the US. The campaign was  large enough to warrant a
dedicated iPhone mobile Internet site, despite the views of some who
claim regular websites look good enough for the small screen of an
Since the campaign launch, there have been over 12,000
videos and more than 16,000 wallpapers downloaded. For users who
ventured beyond the home-page, the average dwell time was 2 minutes, 12
seconds. 1.2% of users requested an email brochure by entering their
email address into the WAPsite. 2.6% located their nearest dealer to
arrange a test drive.
Jaguar is proud to translate our positive
digital experiences with mobile marketing, and to deliver an engaging
and rich brand experience for our technologically advanced customer
base, says Rome Murphy, Interactive Marketing Manager for Jaguar North
America. We are particularly impressed with the user experience across
a broad range of handset types.
Robert Thurner, Commercial Director at Incentivated adds: We
applaud Jaguar for running a campaign which harnesses the mobile
mediums unique strengths in combining exceptional rich content with a
response mechanic and location-based services. Yielding a healthy ROI,
the campaign demonstrates the exceptional value mobile marketing can