Jaguar Land Rover adds on-board wi-fi and infotainment services through Transatel

Transatel, one of Europes leading mobile virtual network enablers, has partnered with Jaguar Land Rover to help the automotive brand offer in-car wi-fi for passengers, as well as infotainment services through the vehicle console.

The two have signed a master services agreement for a global cellular connectivity solution that will cover Jaguar Land Rovers connected car passenger applications, with the first vehicles equipped with Transatels technology expected to be available to the market at the end of June.

A data plan for Jaguar Land Rover models will be available in the UK, Italy and Germany, with extensions with a selection of local and European plans available for selected lines. Transatel will provide the service, managing customer and retailer relations as well as providing support and ensuring the payment process for data bundles.

“Were excited to be launching our second European connected car project with such a prestigious and renowned company as Jaguar Land Rover, this time not for telematics, but for passenger applications,” said Philippe Vigneau, vice president of business development at Transatel. “Weve been evangelising the market for more than a year now, explaining to car OEMs worldwide how to avoid major lock-in risks and answering their concerns about security, among others. It seems the superiority of our platform and business model has now become apparent to some major players of the automotive industry.”

Transatels in-car infotainment offerings include internet browsing and navigation, and clients are able to seamlessly manage their accounts via the Selfcare application, accessible with any device using the cars wi-fi. Transatel also handles machine-to-machine connectivity within the EU for the FCA Group, covering brands like Fiat, Chrysler and Jeep, as well as powering the on-board wi-fi for aeroplane manufacturer Airbus.