Jaguar Land Rover Introducing VR to Showrooms

Jaguar Land Rover VRUK automotive manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover is introducing VR across its showrooms to ‘immerse customers in each new vehicle the company launches’.

Through VR headsets, the multinational automaker will give customers the opportunity to see and interact with life-size models of cars before they are available in showrooms. It will use animations to tell technical stories about each vehicle and enable the customer to explore the vehicle’s interior in 360° from different viewpoints.

Andy Goss, Jaguar Land Rover group sales operations director, said: “This new way of buying a car will engage customers further with our innovative capabilities. The VR Experience will also help retailers to break the ice with customers and inject even more fun into the process of buying our vehicles.”

The largest automotive manufacturer in the UK says VR experience packs will be introduced to retailers by the end of this month. It will roll out the VR experience across more than 1,500 retailers in 85 markets. The first vehicle to implement the VR will be the Land Rover Discovery, with the technology also being implemented on all subsequent new vehicles in 2017.