JAJAH Launches IP-only Mobile

JAJAH has launched an IP-only mobile device, the EM-ONE, that the company modestly claims is: set to be the standard around the world. Developed in conjunction with eMobile, the EM-ONE device allows users in Japan to make and receive voice-over-mobile-broadband calls via its JAJAH Mobile software client without a traditional mobile phone connection.
The launch of EM-ONE follows the release of an outbound-only IP-mobile service from JAJAH and eMobile in 2007, which attracted thousands of Japanese users. The JAJAH Mobile software uses the data channel, a HSDPA connection, to deliver voice services. Now eMobile customers can not only use their device to make calls to more than 200 global destinations, but for the first time also receive calls.
For a small monthly fee of approximately $5 (2.50), eMobile customers can buy their own DID (Direct Inward Dialling number) for the EM-ONE, a Sharp Ultra Mobile Device running Windows Mobile 6, turning it into a fully-functioning mobile phone without the need for a cellular connection. This local number operates as any normal phone number. It can be used to make and receive calls, and can be stored in a phone or address book. Calls are routed over JAJAHs IP-telephony network so customers take advantage of JAJAHs low calling rates. The JAJAH exclusive service utilizes a pure IP network and will be available in Japan from 1 August.
As many carriers around the globe announce intentions to move towards purely IP-based mobile telephony, JAJAH and eMobile have made this a reality in the worlds leading mobile telephony market, says JAJAH CEO, Trevor Healy. Through our collaboration with eMobile, we were the first in the industry to deliver pure voice over mobile broadband. With added call functionality and a personal direct number, we are not only enabling the consumers desire for a truly connected life on the go, but taking another leap forward in the future of mobile communication.
Analysts at Ovum predict that, by 2010, 77% of the voice connections in the Asia-Pacific region will be mobile, and that the region will host over 2 billion fixed and mobile voice connections, 42% of the global total. Ovums annual voice service forecasts mobility to be the key growth technology in the voice market for the foreseeable future. Japan has already embraced the mobile market and JAJAH says that the Ovum prediction is likely to be replicated across other markets as consumers continue to demand a connected, yet wireless life.
In addition to low cost long-distance and international calls, calls between eMobile customers are free and handled over a pure SIP connection,  eliminating the need for termination over a regular network. 
The whole world is talking about the move towards a pure IP-network for mobile, says eMobile Chief Executive, Kengo Masuda. While they talk, JAJAH and eMobile have made this a reality. To build a revolutionary device in the most advanced mobile market is a real achievement, and we are very proud of what eMobile and JAJAH have achieved together.
JAJAHs says its continued innovation in IP telephony reaffirms the companys vision to revolutionize the way in which the world makes global long distance calls by making its network accessible from any phone, anywhere and anytime.