Java Leads the Way in Mobile eBook Downloads

ebook community Wattpad has released its Q3 2009 Global Ebook Metrics Report. The report covers both country and handset/manufacturer data based on ebook usage of subscribers of over 600 mobile operators in 160 countries.
The report reveals that Wattpad continues to be the worlds most downloaded mobile ebook application with over 4 million downloads to date. Although Java devices continue to be the most popular mobile ebook devices, the usage gap between Java devices and iPhone is shrinking. Fewer than 50% of ebook consumption was on Java devices in Q3 09, while 42% of was on iPhone. This compares to 63% for Java devices and 33% for iPhone in the previous quarter. BlackBerry usage has grown almost 160% compared to Q2.
The US has replaced Indonesia as the leading country in mobile ebook consumption. Its dominance comes mainly from the iPhone market. In the non-iPhone market, Indonesia and Vietnam together contribute to more than two thirds of the market.
iPhone users are reading the most frequently, registering 2.6 sessions per day, compared to Java phone users at 2.4 sessions per day, Blackberry users at 1.6 sessions per day and Android users at just less than 1.4 sessions per day.
You can access the full Q3 2009 report here.