Jawbone Activity Tracker Doubles Up as Earthquake Tracker

jawbone upActivity and sleep tracker Jawbone can add a new feature to its product specification – earthquake tracker.

Following the South Napa Earthquake that hit northern California last week, the strongest to hit the state in 25 years, Jawbone has released the data from its Jawbone UP activity tracker, showing how users in the area were awakened by the event.

93 per cent of users in Napa, Sonoma, Vallego and Fairfield, all less than 15 miles from the epicentre, were awakened by the quake, which hit at 3.20AM local time. Further from the epicentre, more people slept through the weakened impact, with 5 per cent of San Francisco and Oakland residents (between 25 and 50 miles from the quakes centre) woken up, while barely any users in Modesto and Santa Cruz, 75 to 100 miles from the epicentre, were disturbed.

Those closest to the quakes epicentre also took the longest to go back to sleep, understandably. 45 per cent of those less than 15 miles from the centre of the quake stayed up the rest of the night.

The quake, which measured 6.0 on the moment magnitude scale, injured around 200 people, six critically, and left 69,000 without electricity for at least a time. According to the US Geological Survey, the damage in Napa County is estimated to cost $1bn (£603m).