Jeego Launches WinPhone7 Greetings App

E-greetings firm Jeego has launched the first e-card app for Windows Phone 7. Using WinPhone7’s Live Tiles feature, Jeego will send live, daily updates to the application, and can also change the look of the updated tile for maximum impact on user homescreens.

Jeego says that, much like its iPhone and BlackBerry apps, the WinPhone7 version will be constantly refreshed with new content for ease of use and optimum consumer engagement.

“We had a lot of fun developing the app for Windows because of how easy it was to work with the Microsoft technology and features,” says Jeego CEO Will Walsh. “It’s great to have this platform where we can update the tile on your homescreen in real time and really make it beneficial to its users. Imagine never having to worry about forgetting birthdays, holidays and special dates again. This app can do it all for you and give you a friendly reminder when the time draws near.”