Jewellery retailer sees 75 per cent of its online interactions taking place on mobile

Online jewellery brand DEMI+CO has released the results of a tracking study that found that 75 per cent of its online interactions are taking place on mobile, with 15 per cent on desktop and 10 per cent on tablet. As 5G becomes more prevalent, the company says it expects the proportion of interactions taking place on mobile to rise.

The company specialises in luxury jewellery for women at affordable prices and it has a separate brand, ALPHA, specialising in designer bracelets for men. Director Sim Mistry says the company has put a lot of effort into attracting mobile-first customers.

“One of the main tasks for us is to continually optimise for mobile iOS and Android, with iOS as the clear leader for conversion rates at 3.17 per cent, followed by Android at 1.42 per cent,” she says. “We pay close attention to the way in which our jewellery is presented, the user journey and the messages we want customers to see along the way. With the introduction of 5G, we expect mobile-first customers to take a larger share of the market, and we aim to stay ahead of shopping trends.”

According to a report from Ericsson Mobility there will be 6.1bn smartphones in use by 2020. The report predicts that: “by the end of 2025, we expect 5G to have 2.6bn subscriptions covering up to 65 per cent of the world’s population and generating 45 per cent of the world’s total mobile data traffic, making it the fastest developing mobile communication technology to have ever been rolled out on a global scale.”

Mistry says that DEMI+CO’s mobile-first users are very reliant on social channels and interactive functions such as the non-automated chat bots which it uses. Since introducing the chatbot, the company has seen sales rise and have cart abandonment rates fall.