JIVR Launches Funding Campaign for Beacon-enabled Bike

jivr bikeWhile weve seen plenty of innovations in the field of connected cars in the past couple of years, there are plenty of other modes of transport that can benefit from the features mobility can offer.

JIVR is hoping to prove that with its new urban eBike, which has just launched a Kickstarter campaign aimed at funding manufacturing costs and enabling early supporters to become ambassadors for the brand.

The JIVR Bike is a folding eBike designed for urban commuting that utilises a state-of-the-art mechanical chainless electric drivetrain which is held within the frame. The bike is capable of travelling at 16mph for around 20 miles, and can be charged through a regular plug in just 90 minutes.

The bike incorporates a smartphone dock, has an accompanying app which provides speed, calories burned and GPS mapping, and integrates beacon technology which enables the JIVR Bike to communicate with its surroundings.

“There is no better way to explore or travel across cities than on two wheels,” said MArcin Piatkowski, founder and creator of the JIVR Bike. “However, not everyone is in a position to be able to cycle to and from the office. JIVR Bike changes all of that.

“In addition, we have ensured that the bike is super smart. The inclusion of a beacon means it can send messages to devices using Bluetooth. This will mean JIVR owners end up getting discounts and playing games, as well as being able to track their own performance and the whereabouts of their bike.”