JiWire and AWG Extend Ad-supported Wi-fi Partnership

Location-based mobile advertising firm JiWire has extended its partnership with Advanced Wireless Group (AWG), the largest provider of free wi-fi in N. American airports, to offer free, ad-supported wi-fi to travellers in airports across the US. The partnership delivers a potential audience to advertisers of more than 293m passengers.

JiWire launched its Ads for Access solution, enabling brands to sponsor wi-fi access when consumers engage with their campaign, in 2009. Calls to action include watching a video, performing a search, downloading an app, or linking to a brand’s Facebook page. Advertisers include Google Play, Microsoft, Hyatt, Comcast, and British Airways.

AWG provisions a minimum 1 Mbit/second connection in large airports. Consumers are typically connected for 45 minutes after each engagement with an advertiser, with an unlimited number of connections available to them. According to the companies, the brand sponsored wi-fi access program delivers an average mobile engagement rate of over 40 per cent, a 60-fold lift in performance over standard mobile banners.

JiWire notes that consumer demand for free, high speed, on-the-go internet connections is growing rapidly, as data-hungry smartphones and tablets continue to increase, and the number of public hotspots expands. JiWire’s recent Mobile Insights report revealed that in the US, free internet access via public wi-fi networks has become widely available, with over 81 per cent of all public wi-fi hotspots offering free connections as an alternative to paid. Recent additions to AWG’s network include San Francisco, Los Angeles International, Minneapolis and Baltimore-Washington airports.

“As mobile advertising evolves, solutions need to go beyond the standard ad banner to drive consumer engagement,” said JiWire president, David Staas. “By offering mobile consumers a value exchange, brands can make mobile advertising more effective, which creates a win-win for both consumer and brand. Our partnership with AWG provides that great user experience for consumers, while creating maximum impact for brands through sponsored wi-fi on any connected mobile device.”