Join Singular for an exclusive webinar on how to plan for user acquisition in 2021

User acquisition in 2021 is going to be tough. Marketers have to learn how to run UA without the IDFA, adapt to changing user behaviours in a world still impacted by COVID, and keep their teams aligned while working from home. It’s a lot to deal with, but on November 19 at 1pm EST (6pm GMT), Singular is running a webinar that will give you a jumpstart on your planning.

Register to join New Year, New Users: How to Plan for User Acquisition in 2021, an educational webinar on November 19 at 1pm EST (6pm GMT). You’ll hear from experts at Rovio, N3TWORK, Liftoff, Smadex, and Singular and gain insights on: 

· How to overcome data challenges in a privacy-safe world

· What measurement methodologies will be used in 2021

· How to forecast and set goals in an uncertain market

· Areas for innovation and growth in 2021

If you’re unable to join the webinar live, register to attend anyway and we’ll send you a link to watch the recording on demand.

Register to secure your place today.

Singular is the leading next-gen attribution and marketing analytics platform, giving marketers actionable insights from previously siloed data. By collecting, aggregating and normalizing upper-funnel campaign marketing data from thousands of channels and connecting it to lower-funnel attribution data, marketers can measure ROI from every touchpoint across all their activities and optimize to the most granular level.  Singular customers include Twitter, AirBnB, Rovio, LinkedIn, Lyft, Warby Parker, Getaround, Wish, King, and more.