Join Trademob for The App Store Marketing Bible Webinar

On Wednesday 19 December at 11am (UK time), Adrienne Gauldie, head of UK at Trademob, is hosting a webinar entitled ‘The App Store Marketing Bible’ in which the company will reveal everything you need to know about marketing via the iOS and Android app stores, from boosting your rank to optimizing for search and conversions.

The app stores are the primary acquisition channel for mobile app users. Successful app marketers see app store marketing as a central element to promoting their app. With the right strategies, you can put your app in front of more users, boosting downloads and revenue. This free webinar will expose the secrets and insights into mastering the app stores.

The webinar will explain how to use the App Store as a marketing tool to maximize organic downloads. It will also tell you how you can find and keep your user- and profit-maximizing position in the chart ranking; and explain how to get featured or recommended in the app stores; and how to use app store optimization (ASO) techniques to become number 1 in the search rank for your relevant keywords. Finally, the webinar will explain how to optimize your apps page and enhance your click-to-download conversions in the app stores.

You can register to attend the webinar for free here.