Masterclassing Webinars

Join Us on Monday for our Pop-up Awards Webinar

David Murphy

Next Monday afternoon at 2pm UK time, we are staging what we are calling a Pop-up Webinar. Pop-up because we normally like to give attendees a few weeks’ notice, but this time round, we thought we would try something different and spring one on you out of nowhere.

The webinar is a short, 15-minute presentation to explain the entry process and criteria for this year’s Effective Mobile Marketing Awards program.

The deadline for the awards is just over two weeks away, and we know from conversations we are having that a lot of people are beavering away on their entries right now. The webinar is designed to explain exactly how the Awards work, how to enter, and how the Awards are judged, and to answer any other questions you may have before putting in your entries.

To join us for Monday’s webinar, click here. In the meantime, for more information about the Awards, head for the Awards website.