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Join Us For Our Mobile Coupons Webinar

David Murphy

At 4pm (UK time) on Wednesday, 21 November, we will be running the latest in our series of free Making Sense of Mobile webinars, looking at Mobile Coupons.

Often touted as the next big thing, and rightly so, given the advances they offer over paper coupons, there are, however, obstacles to mobile coupon adoption, primarily related to issues with redeeming them at the point of sale, given the ability of many retailers’ EPOS systems to cope with barcodes printed on a mobile phone’s screen.

But as ever in the world of mobile marketing, innovative companies are finding their way round the problems. Eagle Eye’s solution relies on a unique number, keyed into the Chip & PIN terminal. And only yesterday, Shopitize launched its solution, which bypasses the retailer altogether, and invites consumers to redeem their mobile coupons by taking a photograph of their till receipt so that Shopitize can validate the redemption.

And despite the issues with the technology, Juniper Research recently forecast that mobile coupon usage would rise by 30 per cent in 2013 as coupon apps start to hit social networks.

We’ll be discussing these and other developments with a panel of experts during the webinar, which is free to attend. More than 75 people have already regsiterted to attend the webinar. Click here to book your place, and if you’re interested in taking part in the webinar as a panellist, contact John Owen via email, or by phone on 020 7183 2920.