Jolt launches EV charging and DOOH ad network in the UK

Jolt, a sustainable Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) and electric vehicle (EV) charging network, has announced its launch in the UK, in the North London Borough of Barnet.

Over the next three years, Jolt plans to install at least 5,000 digital outdoor screens integrated on its EV charger network across the UK, allowing brands to advertise on a sustainable, DOOH network that directly reduces carbon emissions in local communities, using 100 per cent sustainable energy. Jolt also announced that its advertising launch partners will be Audi, Aviva and EDF.

“We’re here to provide meaningful impact on the industry by changing how Digital Out-of-Home campaigns are done, to make it more purpose-driven, make the positive impact on communities measurable and more connected to real national climate goals that brands can help achieve,” said Jolt UK Sales Director, Gino Cettina. “I am excited to be at a business that is providing innovative advertising solutions that some of the most progressive and ESG-integrated brands in the UK are adopting. By choosing an advertising platform that helps foster eMobility, brands have an opportunity to play their part in helping reduce transport-led emissions and addressing the climate emergency.”

Jolt has a track record of partnering with brands to support and incentivise clean transport options in Australia, New Zealand, North America and now, the UK. Each Jolt charging station features double-sided D6 screens, turning central roadside spaces into interactive opportunities for brands to connect with consumers. The first charging stations in Barnet will be followed by a national rollout across the UK.

With the launch of Jolt’s network, EV drivers will have access to 7 kWh, or around £840 annually, of free, fast and clean roadside EV charging per day, with as little as 15 minutes charge time and without the need for home charging facilities.

“We are excited by our advertising launch partnership with Jolt, who will play an important role in delivering enhanced charging infrastructure accessibility and daily free charging for our electric vehicle owners,” said Tony Moore, Head of Marketing for Audi UK.