Journey HQ Aims to Provide Marketers with Data Through Customer App

Journey HQ app shotJourney HQ is hoping to give marketers real, untainted insight into consumers decisions and thinking through a new customer journey app.

The app enables users to capture their own decision-making journeys, removing the intrusive influence of a researcher and any bias they might bring into the process. The app aims to provide marketers with more in-depth data into consumer decisions than they usually receive, including options customers almost did or didnt take, and their emotional states during the process.

“The result is a unique window into customer journeys thats never been accessible to marketers before,” said Siamack Salari, creator of Journey HQ. “Its well known that traditional research methods obscure the process, either through asking questions or dictating actions – both of which result in flawed, unreliable data.

“Journey HQ on the other hand, is interference-free. It doesnt ask questions or set tasks and instead people monitor their own actions, big or small. In return, brands benefit from untainted customer insight – allowing them to learn valuable tings they never would have known otherwise.”

The app enables research participants to log their behaviour using a combination of photos, video, audio or typed entries, and encourages them to record their emotions at every stage of the process to build a more rich portrait. The app then feeds data directly to an intelligent website, enabling marketers to follow their customers journeys in real time, with access to analytics tools.

“The difference with Journey HQ is its been developed by research experts (rather than techies),” says Salari. “This means marketers needs have been at the heart of the whole website design, and every aspect is geared towards delivering them ultimate customer journey insight.”