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JPMorgan Chase cuts ads from 400,000 sites down to just 5,000 – without negative results

Alex Spencer

In the face of recent concerns over brand safety, financial services brand JPMorgan Chase has cut the number of sites it advertises on from around 400,000 per month to just 5,000 – reportedly without any substantial impact on its ads’ reach or cost per impression.

CMO Kristin Lemkau told the New York Times: “It’s only been a few days, but we haven’t seen any deterioration on our performance metrics.”

JPMorgan has cut down the number of places it advertises after an ad for its client services appeared on a site called ‘Hillary 4 Prison’, next to an article about “the Satanic liberal perverts who run Hollywood”.

“Before the YouTube thing happened, we were just looking at programmatic,” said Lemkau. “Now the question is, what else is out there that we should be looking at whitelisting?”

The whitelist of 5,000 sites was created manually. Of the 400,000 sites its ads appeared on in one month, only around 12,000 led to any activity beyond the impression. This was then filtered down by one of the company’s interns clicking on each of the remaining sites to check whether they were appropriate for the brand to advertise on.

JPMorgan was one of the many brands which pulled all advertising from YouTube last month, after reports showed an assortment of brands’ ads running on extremist content.

However, it plans to return to the platform next weeks, using the same method to trim down the channels it advertises on to a pre-approved list of around 1,000.