JuiceCaster Adds Geotagging

David Murphy

JuiceCaster has added location-based geotagging to its award-winning mobile social networking service. The Geotagging facility has been developed initially for Qualcomm's BREW solution. With geotagging, JuiceCaster users can send pictures and videos that automatically include their location to various social networking platforms, including MySpace, Facebook and Twitter.
JuiceCaster provides one-touch, real-time sharing of pictures and videos directly from a cameraphone to many social networking and blogging sites. Users update their status with pictures and videos captured on their mobile phone using the wireless application. Through the geotagging feature, JuiceCaster now allows individuals to see a video's location information, which can be used as a friend-finding service. It also immediately notifies users when someone updates their status in a nearby area.
Location instantly adds context to social communications, says Nick Desai, CEO and Co-founder of Juice Wireless, the company behind JuiceCaster. Knowing the location of a friend is just as important as knowing what they're doing. The ability to geotag mobile videos on-the-go and easily share them with friends and online communities such as MySpace, Facebook and Twitter gives JuiceCaster the power to keep people constantly connected to their networks.
JuiceCaster notes that since all uploaded pictures and videos are geotagged, users can also look for content based on specific location criteria, making searching for videos on JuiceCaster powerful and accurate. In addition, JuiceCaster's Who was here? feature enables individuals to see a list of pictures and videos previously uploaded by friends and other people for a specific location, as well as add their own pictures and videos to its history. Location is only viewable by authorized friends and the feature can be turned off.