Jumptap, Medialets and Crisp Launch Rich Media Ad Platform

Mobile advertising solutions provider and ad network Jumptap has partnered with Medialets and Crisp Wireless to create what it says is the industrys first Unified Rich Media Ad Platform, delivering highly-engaging, rich media ad units for mobile apps and the mobile web.

The combination of the three mobile ad providers gives advertisers and publishers a single point from which to run diverse rich media ad units across multiple devices, technology platforms, browsers and publishers, from one ad network. In addition, Jumptaps published open standards allow any rich media provider to plug into its ad network.

“Advertisers have an opportunity to capitalize on the personal, always-on nature of mobile devices with rich media ad units designed to interact and capture the minds and hearts of its users,” says Jumptap Chief Product Officer and General Manager, Adam Soroca. “Rich media campaigns are proven to drive higher levels of user engagement, more than any other media, with demonstrated increases in message lift association and higher CTRs.”

The Unified Rich Media Platform offers various new and creative formats to capture consumers’ attention. These include banners; video and web interstitials; configurable click through actions; tap-to-video; tap-to-audio; scrolling shakable; take-over-branding; location-aware, and more. The ad units are designed to retain the experience within the app or on the mobile site.

Jumptap will initially be offering its unified rich media support on mobile websites and with an iPhone SDK. Android and iPad rich media support will be coming soon. 

“Brands are willing to make a deeper financial investment for the highest engagement opportunities, rapidly accelerating demand for these interactive innovative units,” says John Swafford, President, Swafford & Company Advertising. “Weve seen rich media campaigns generate a 10 – 30% increase in engagement. Jumptaps new platform should make it easy to implement rich media into our mobile campaigns.”