Jumptap Releases April MobileSTAT report

Alex Spencer

Jumptap has released the April edition of its MobileSTAT report, which features a special focus on travel on mobile. The report reveals that the Travel channel of the Jumptap network saw most mobile traffic in August, while its CTR was highest between May and June.

The network also saw Kindle Fire usage soar after the Christmas period - reaching a 33 per cent share in January, rivalling iPad's 48 per cent - but it has since dropped off. That share is now down to to 22 percent, which Jumptap says can most likely be attributed to the launch of the new iPad. Overall usage of the Kindle Fire continues to increase, though, with average monthly traffic triple that of Q4, 2011.

The report also examined the correllation between differences in mobile usage and political leaning. Apparently, Democrats are 43 per cent more likely to use their mobile devices late at night (11pm-2am) and use Social Networkign and Entertainment sites. Republicans, meanwhile, are a bit earlier to bed, most likely to use their mobile in the evening (5-10pm), and spend most of their time on News and Weather sites.

And finally, San Francisco has the highest concentration of iOS users - and Toyota Priuses - of the 12 US cities Jumptap analysed.