JumpTap Reveals Mobile Ad Study Findings

Mobile search and advertising solutions provider JumpTap has announced the results of a study commissioned from Research and Analysis of Media (RAM), on the effectiveness of mobile advertising.
JumpTap says the results, which were presented earlier this week at the Mobile Marketing Associations New York Mobile Marketing Forum, reveal the effectiveness of mobile advertising, compared to online advertising , with regards to brand recognition, recall and purchase rates. The findings are especially valuable to advertisers looking for confirmation that mobile devices are becoming the dominant marketer-consumer touch point, the company says. JumpTap is offering the service to new customers for ongoing brand research insight when they sign up for mobile advertising campaigns.
RAM conducted its research with a sample group of 300 Swedish Telia SurfPort users to measure advertiser recall, purchase intent and ad quality on mobile. Respondents were shown ads from EMI, Eurobate, Plutolife (Mobilove) and Discovery Channel Sweden. Despite the fact that approximately one third of respondents had no familiarity with the advertisers beforehand, the campaigns yielded compelling results.
JumpTaps ads had on average a 20% greater recall rate than online ads from RAMs database. Users said they would be much more likely to seek further information after seeing a JumpTap advertisement, with  10% of 16-24 year-olds and 28% of 45-79 year-olds stating they would seek out information. This compared to 0% of the 16-24 age group and only 13% of the 45-79 age group who would look for more information after seeing online ads.
Users are more likely to purchase from JumpTap ads than from others, especially women, who were twice as likely (at 15%) to make a purchase. Again, the impact on the 16-24 age groups was significant, with 9% saying that they would likely make a purchase.
RAMs research supports the effect mobile ads can have on consumers due to the personal and interactive relationship they have with their mobile devices, says JumpTap Chief Marketing Officer, Paran Johar. With mobile advertising slated to reach $2.7 billion (1.35 billion) in 2008 (according to Gartner Group) and $19 billion by 2012 (according to eMarketer), now is the opportune time for advertisers to integrate mobile in their media buying mix.